Jason Punyon
Staff Data Engineer
Stack Overflow, 2010-2022
c# sql-server redis r data-science python machine-learning

Enabled the Product and Sales organizations to operate the business (take orders, charge credit cards, issue refunds, etc) by designing and building our financial services: StackShop and ControlPanel. These internal services helped make our enterprise sales process tractable for more than 10 years, handling tens of thousands of orders and hundreds of millions of dollars of transactions.

Designed and built differentiating, award-winning features into our developer employment product, Careers. Careers 2.0 launched with enhanced Candidate Search and Developer Profiles with deeper integrations into the web. These features (along with Job Listings) fueled the company’s growth engine for a decade, culminating in our sale for $1.8 billion in 2021.

Cofounded the Data Team, Stack Overflow’s first team dedicated to Machine Learning and Data Science. Our inaugural project, Providence, applied machine learning to increase the click through rate of Careers’ Job Ads by 27%. Providence was expanded into a platform for continued experimentation in this area, ultimately gaining us a total of ~50% improvement over the pre-Providence click through rates.

Engaged a wide company audience through the “Data Team Request” process, a way for anyone (especially the non-technical) to get answers to questions about data at Stack Overflow. Authored dozens of reproducible analyses on varied topics of interest within the company. This kind of open forum for research direction led to long and fruitful partnerships with different parts of the business across Engineering, Community, Product, Sales, Marketing, and Finance.

Reduced the number and impact of unfriendly comments on Stack Overflow by developing the Unfriendly Robot, a neural network trained to predict whether our users would flag a comment for being unfriendly. The unfriendly robot supercharged moderator abilities helping them find and remove 4.4X as many unfriendly comments from Stack Overflow as human flaggers alone.

.NET Application Developer
Various Hedge Funds, 2006-2010
B.A. Physics
State University of New York at Geneseo, 2005

As part of the Research Experience for Undergraduates program, I helped to execute and analyze medium energy nuclear physics experiments with sponsorship and mentoring from researchers at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. My main contributions were software simulations of our detectors that were used during the data analysis phase.